History of Funeral Association

Christian Funeral Association (CFA), in Svay Ring province was found in 2010 by the group of our Christian in Svay Rieng province. Christian Funeral Association’s purpose is to help each other with funeral arrangements between Churches, Christian NGOs, Denominations and Communities in Svay Rieng Province.

Our Purpose:

  1. To know personal physical health of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  2. To help the family who has a member in the family pass away.
  3. To help the church to arrange funerals according to Christian faith.
  4. To share condolences, and encouragment to those who has member pass away, and to invite other Christians to join the funeral.

The Qualification of Membership:

  1. A prospective member who wants to register in CFA must go through a church, NGO, or Christian denomination which has a specific group with the approval from the commission or pastors to make decisions.
  2. A church which has a branch of more than 10 people must apply for the application form to register as a membership of CFA.
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