Harvest Training Cambodia's Team


Visal Samoeun with his wife Nary was calling to serve God both in Harvest Training Cambodia. Visal served God for almost 15 years in different organizations and churches. Visal was a person to make the Khmer Bible Electronic/Soft for using in computer and it is popular in Cambodia and he is the one who love writing Christian song (Khmer Christian Songs) while he has time as well. BiblePC

God bless them with 2 children, Elkanah their older son and Angelica their younger daughter. ABC

Director Speech

Mr. Koy Doeun
Administration & Education Project Coordinator
B.I.T., Asia Euro University, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Ps. Chhou Sunla
Kindergarten Coordinator & Accountant
Graduated from Phnom Penh Bible School, Pastor
7 years experience with children and gender in Hagar Organization, 5 years Treasurer in National Bank of Cambodia, Kampong Cham

Ps. Uk Sarine
Church Planting Movement Project Coordinaotr
5 years experience in Christian Organizations

Mr. Sor Puthy
Church Planting Movement Project Assistant & Translator
Long-term with HTC in a variety of roles
Mrs. Ny Kunthea
Happy Kids Project Coordinator and Office Assistant
Long-term with HTC in a variety of roles
Teacher. Ung Utdom
Education Project Assistant
Part time Staff
Teacher. Vich Sobin
Computer Teacher
Part time Staff

Church Leaders in Each Village

Traok-Kset Village (CPM)

Savin / House Church Leader

Tortear Village (CPM)

Chanthy / House Church Leader

Samrong Village (CPM)

Ther / House Church Leader

Traok-Tasous Village (CPM)

Sophat / House Church Leader

Chambok Village (CPM)

Samnang / House Church Leader

Ampov Prey Village (CPM)

Kunthea / House Church Leader

Mohawant Village (CPM)

Phorn / House Church Leader

Tapor Village (CPM)

Thoeng / House Church Leader

Phumi Nhor (CPM)

Savoeun / House Church Leader

Phumi Prochan Trear (CPM)

Ton / House Church Leader

Phumi Trapang Thna (CPM)

Bunthoeun / House Church Leader

Phumi Prey Trom (CPM)

Peo / House Church Leader

Phumi Sam Yong (CPM)

Chenda / House Church Leader


Address: #15, Phum Krang Angkrong, Sangkat Krang Thnong, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh. Central Post Office: PO BOX 1252,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Phone: (855) 023 4777 103, Website: www.harvesttraining.org, Facebook: Harvest Training Cambodia