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My name is Sam Savin they call me Brother Mao; I am living in Traok village, Kset commune, Kampong Rou district, Svay Rieng province.

1 / Life before believing in Jesus
I am a former village leader of Traok village. From year to year, my family works very hard farming for our family to be happy and prosper. But our efforts from month to month and from year to year, we still have a difficult life. Sometimes, with much difficulty, we quarrel in the family, and our children often do not have peace. We always strive to celebrate all good things, work well, but are still not satisfied, and without peace. Often our harvest is not good at all when it is harvest, even if we have offered some gifts to the idols (offering and pray to the spirits who take care of the land) to give good produce and that there would be sufficient rainfall.

2 / Life believing in Jesus
One day I met the team of Harvest Training Cambodia (HTC) when they came to evangelize in our village. They told us about Christ who can save us from our sins and even if we ask the Lord, and He will be given by our faith in Him. I was deeply touched in my heart and I thought to myself that if I believe in Christ and what will be lost? On that day, I decided to accept Jesus as my savior. From week to week the team of HTC has always come down to my house to train me from the word of God, and taught me how to pray to the Lord. Later, I led my family to accept Jesus too, including my wife, my three children and grandchildren.

3 / Life and Miracles
When the time came to sow my wife and I went to the field, we saw farmers who are our neighbors and friends, many of them are offering some foods to the other spirits to ask them to have a good produce from the rice field as we did in the past. But my wife and I said to each other, “we are dedicated to Christ already and we should not do an offering to the spirits anymore.” So we had knelt down our knee in the middle of rice fields and pray loudly to ask for Jesus to bless our farm. After we prayed our friends came to us and asked us what are you doing? We told them that we are praying for blessing from Jesus for our cultivation. They laugh at us and say, let's see if your rice or our rice will be better, which will have a good result, and they walked out from us. After harvest season has arrived, we have observed that our rice was well beyond our expectations. Until the people of this village said that rice of Jesus’ people has been very good produce in this year. I have sharing our testimony to them, and some of them converted to Christ and came to worship God with us now. From year to year, my family has received many blessings from the LORD in cultivation, and feeding the animals. Now my family has received a lot of peace and prosperity from the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord prospered abundance to my family. And now we have abilities to buy a tractor worth thousands dollars for our farming, many cattle, pigs, chickens and ducks. Also my children also have the peace and many blessings from God too.

If I write about the miracles the Lord has done for our life and family here, maybe we cannot write it all because the period of time I have walked with him for almost this ten years, there is a great many miracles that I had. And now the Lord has chosen me to be a Christian village leader in this village (Troak village). Thanks to Him who chose me and my family to serve Him, Amen.

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