Foods and Health Sanitation

The Foods and Health Sanitations or and the mobile clinic is a program created to treat the people in the village for free, giving some vegetable seeds, toilet, water filter, piglet and others for the poor people who has not ability, especially to outreach to the lost people for our Lord Jesus Christ.

By seeing that the people in rural areas that we are working with are without possibilities to go to a good hospital both transportation and budget, that’s why we have created this program.

But recently, because of the lack of our funds to provide to the needs of the people in the project. Now we are strongly praying to find partners to help in this program. This program has been blessed to many people in the community and treatment to both old and young people each month.

Please keep supporting and praying for us to have enough funds to provide in this project and especially to have the partners. Please keep us in your prayer, thanks.